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Repair parts for the Challenger 10,000lb 2-post lift. This lift could be mounted symmetrically or asymmetrically. If you do not see a link to the part you need below, please contact us for further assistance.

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Diagram Item # Part Description Part #
1 Idler Column Weld VS10-11-00
2 M12 x 35 HHCS VS10-40-13 
3 12mm Lock Washer X10-039 
4 12mm Flat Washer X10-038 
5 M12 Hex Nut X10-040 
6 Support Strap VS10-015 
7 Column Extension Weld VS10-13-01 
8 Idler Side Hydraulic Hose VS10-50-08
9 Hydraulic Union VS10-50-07 
10 Idler Side (Outer) Overhead Weld VS10-40-02-00 
11 M12 x 25 HHCS VS10-40-17 
12 Power Side (Inner) Overhead Weld VS10-40-01-00 
13 M6 x 25 HHCS VS10-40-20 
14 Lock Release Cable Guide VS10-10-18 
15 Synchronizing Sheave VS10-40-04 
16a. Sheave Spacer, Power Side (8mm) VS10-40-05 
16b. Sheave Spacer, Idler Side (12mm) VS10-40-09 
17 25mm Snap Ring (Symmetric / Asymmetric) VS10-35-06 
18 Overhead Sheave Axle (Symmetric) VS10-40-08 
19 Limit Switch Bracket VS10-40-21 
20 M5 x 12 Phillips Pan Head Screw VS10-40-08 
21 M5 Hex Nut VS10-40-21 
22 3/8-16 x 2-1/2" Hex Flange Head Capscrew VS10-40-18 
23 3/8-16 Hex Flange Nut VS10-40-19 
24 Mercury Switch 12045
25 Shutoff Bar VS10-40-07 
26 Shutoff Pivot Pin VS10-40-03 
27 3mm x 26mm Cotter Pin VS10-20-11 
28 Overhead Sheave Axle (Asymmetric) VS10-40-12
29a. Overhead Mounting Bracket (Power Side) VS10-40-10 
29b. Overhead Mounting Bracket (Idler Side) VS10-40-11 
30 M10 x 20 HHCS VS10-40-22 
31 10mm Lock Washer X10-074 
32 10mm Flat Washer X10-073 
33 Power Side Hydraulic Hose VS10-50-03
  Power Cylinder Hydraulic Hose VS10-50-04
34 Power Column Weld VS10-10-01-00 
35 Lock Shaft VS10-10-11 
36 Cable Clamp VS10-10-13-00 
37 Lock Release Cable LRC001
38 Lock Spring (Cam) VS10-10-16 
39 Lock Spring (Pawl) VS10-10-15 
40 Lock Release Knob VS10-10-22 
41 Lock Release Stud VS10-10-10 
42a. Lock Release Cam (Power Side) VS10-10-0-00 
42b. Lock Release Cam (Idler Side) VS10-11-03-00 
43a. Lock Pawl VS10-10-05 
43b. Lock Pawl Pad VS10-10-17 
43c. 6mm x 40mm Roll Pin X10-027 
44 Spacer VS10-10-23 
45a. Lock Cover (Power Side) VS10-10-07-B
45b. Lock Cover (Idler Side) VS10-11-02 
46 M8 Phillips Pan Head Screw VS10-10-25 
47 8mm Flat Washer VS10-10-26 
48 Lock Release Pulley VS10-10-04
49 9mm Snap Ring VS10-10-27 
50 Power Unit Bracket VS10-10-02-00 
51 Power Unit 31368-19 
52 1/2" Romex Connector 31060
53 Hydraulic Elbow (Power Unit) VS10-50-10 
54 Power Unit Hydraulic Hose VS10-50-05 
55 Hydraulic Tee VS10-50-06 (obsolete)
56 Front Arm Assy. (Item #'s 64, 65, 69, 70, 76, 77, 78, 85) VS10-32-00 
57 Rear Access Cover VS10-10-09 
58 Rear Arm Assy. (Item #'s 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 85) VS10-31-00 
59a. Rubber Arm Pad VS10-35-01 
59b. M6 Locknut (for Arm Pad) VS10-35-05 
60 Foot Pad VS10-35-02-00 
61a. Intermediate Threaded Insert VS10-35-04 
61b. 45mm Retaining Ring (for Intermediate Insert) X10-068 
62a. Threaded Insert VS10-35-03 
62b. 60mm Retaining Ring (for Threaded Insert) VS10-35-08 
63 Rear Male Arm VS10-31-02-00 
64 Stop Plate VS10-31-05 
65 M8 x 12 Flat Head Screw Grade 10.8 VS10-31-08 
66 Rubber Pad (Rear Female Arm) VS10-31-03 
67 M5 x 8 Flat Head Screw VS10-31-06 
68 Arm Pin VS10-33-A 
69 M10 x 25 Allen Head Bolt X10-077
70 Arm Restraint Gear (Large) VS10-31-04 
71 Rear Female Arm Weld VS10-31-01-00 
72a. Arm Restraint Gear (Small) VS10-20-03 
72b. 5mm x 40mm Roll Pin VS10-20-10 
73 Arm Restraint Spring VS10-20-05 
74 Arm Restraint Shaft VS10-20-06-02 
75 Pull Ring (Arm Restraint) VS10-20-06-01 
76 Front Female Arm Weld VS10-32-01-00 
77 Front Intermediate Arm Weld VS10-32-02-00 
78 Front Male Arm Weld VS10-32-03-00 
79 Nylon Screw VS10-20-09 
80 Door Guard VS10-20-02 
81 Carriage VS10-20-01-00 
82 Slide Block VS10-20-04 
83 Hydraulic Cylinder VS10-50-01-00 
84 Flow Control Valve VS10-50-04-00-A 
Not I/D'd Synchronizing Cable VS10-10-06 
Not I/D'd Narrow Setting Cable Spacer VS10-10-12 
Not I/D'd Asymmetric Setting Cable Spacer VS10-10-19 
Not I/D'd Hose Guard VS10-10-20