Repair parts for Challenger 10,000lb, two-post, surface mounted SA10 lifts. This specific model can be installed symmetrically or asymmetrically. If you do not see the part you need below, please call us for further assistance.

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Diagram Item # Part Description Part #
1 Power Column Weld 3W-01-01P
2 Idler Column Weld 3W-01-01I 
3a. Power Column Ext. (Std. Height) 3W-01-05PA 
3b. Power Column Ext. (2ft. Ext. Height) 3W-01-25PA 
4a. Idler Column Ext. (Std. Height) 3W-01-05IA 
4b. Idler Column Ext. (2ft. Ext. Height) 3W-01-25IA 
5 Power Overhead Weld 3W-03PA 
6 Idler Overhead Weld 3W-03IA 
7 Carriage Weld 3W-02A
8 Overhead Mounting Bracket 3W-03-07 
9 Cylinder 16138R 
10 Power Unit (Contact us with your power unit model number to determine replacement) 
11 Tee Fitting 3W-06-15A
12 Power Hose Assembly 3W-06-06A 
13 Idler Hose Assembly 3W-06-07A 
14 Front Female Arm Weld 3W-04-20A 
15 Front Intermediate Weld 3W-04-23 
16 Front Male Weld 3W-04-28 
17 Arm Pin 3W-02-12 
18 Rear Female Weld 3W-04-02A 
19 Rear Male Weld 3W-04-09A 
20 Foot Pad Assembly B2260 
20a. Rubber Pad B2208
20b. Foot Pad Weld B2262 
20c. 2 dia. x 30mm Retaining Ring B17256 
20d. 3 dia. x 45mm Retaining Ring B17257 
20e. Threaded Sleeve B2261 
20f. Threaded Insert B17276-1 
27 Arm Pin Retaining Ring 3W-06-01 
28 Inner Arm Restraint Gear 3W-04-17 
29 M10 x 30 Hex Bolt HEXHM1030
30 M10 Flat Washer X10-073 
31 M10 Spring Lock Washer B31037
32 Arm Stop Insert 3W-04-18 
33 M8 x 14 Flat Head Allen Bolt, 10.9 3W-10-10 
34 Carriage Slide Block 3W-02-11A 
35 Rubber Bumper Insert 3W-06-03 
36 Access Cover 3W-06-16 
37 Arm Restraint Gear Shaft 3W-02-14 
38 Arm Restraint Shaft Spring 3W-02-15 
39 Outer Arm Restraint Gear 3W-02-13 
40 Pull Ring 3W-02-16 
41 M6 x 40 Roll Pin 3W-10-01 
42a. Synchronization Cable (Std. Height) 3W-06-08A 
42b. Synchronization Cable (2ft. Ext. Height) 3W-06-28A 
43 M12 Hex Jam Nut HJNM12 
44 Cable Spacer (Asymmetric Only) 3W-06-18 
45a. Hose Extension (Std. Height) 3W-06-05A 
45b. Hose Extension (2ft. Ext. Height) 3W-06-25A 
46 Cylinder Elbow Fitting 3W-06-14A 
47 Cylinder Sleeve 3W-02-18 
48 Cylinder Clamp Ring 3W-02-19 
49 M6 x 10mm Set Screw 3W-10-20 
50 M12 x 20 Hex Bolt 17314 
51 M12 Flat Washer X10-038
52 M12 Spring Lock Washer X10-039 
53 M20 x 1.5 Thk. Round Shim 3W-10-07 
54 M10 Hex Nut HNM10 
55 M12 x 25 Hex Bolt VS10-40-13 
56 M12 Hex Nut HNM12 
57 Hose Clamp 3W-10-15A
58 M10 x 20 Hex Bolt MR6-002 
59 Flexible Guide Tube 3W-01-20 
60 Cable Trap Plate 3W-03-18A 

Lock Release Cable Clamp

62 Shutoff Bar Weld 3W-03-13A 
63 M8 x 60 Hex Bolt HEXM860 
64 M8 Flat Washer VS10-10-26 
65 Hose Extension Connector 3W-06-04 
66 Overhead Limit Switch 12045 
67 M10 x 70 Hex Bolt HEXHM1070 
68 Shutoff Mounting Bracket 3W-03-17-04 (Red) or 3W-03-17-06 (Blue)
69 M5 x 12 Phillips Head Screw 3W-10-03 
70 M5 Hex Nut 3W-10-04 
71 M5 Flat Washer 3W-10-05 
72 M5 Lock Washer 3W-10-06 
73 17mm Sheave Spacer (Asymmetric Only) 3W-03-09B
74 34mm Sheave Spacer (Symmetric Only) 3W-03-09
75 Cable Sheave 3W-01-04-03
76 Short Sheave Pin (Asymmetric Only) 3W-03-12 
77 Medium Sheave Pin (Asymmetric Only) 3W-03-11 
78 Long Sheave Pin (Symmetric Only) 3W-03-10 
79 M19 Snap Ring SR-0121
80 Sheave Retaining Bolt 3W-01-04-05
81 M6 x 12 Hex Bolt Q4P09-007 
82 M10 x 25 Hex Bolt HEXM1025 
83 M6 Flat Washer X10-032 
84 M6 Lock Washer X10-033
85 Lock Pawl 3W-01-08 
86 Lock Clevis Pin 3W-01-14 
87 M6 x 20 Socket Head Cap Screw QRJ9-41 
88 Lock Release Cam Pin 3W-01-16 
89 Lock Spring (Cam) 3W-01-06A 
90 Lock Release Cam 3W-01-19 
91 Lock Release Lever 3W-01-17 
92 Knob 3W-01-22 
93 Shutoff Bar Cover 3W-03-15A 
94 M8 x 8 Phillips Pan Head Screw PPHSM8X8 
95 M8 Spring Lock Washer MR6-008 
96 M10 Hex Jam Nut HJNM10
97 M8 x 30 Hex Bolt X10-088 
98 M8 Hex Nut HEXNM8 
99 M8 x 20 Socket Head Cap Screw Q4P09-006 
100 Lock Spring (Pawl) 3W-01-13A 
101 Lock Block Sleeve Insert 3W-01-23 
102a. Lock Release Cable (Std. Height) 3W-06-11A 
102b. Lock Release Cable (2ft. Ext. Height) 3W-06-31A 
103 M9 Snap Ring VS10-10-27 
104 Power Lock Cover 3W-01-11-01 
105 Idler Lock Cover 3W-01-11-02 
106 Lock Pulley 3W-01-18 
110 Rear Arm Assembly (w/o Footpad & Pin) 3W-04-01A 
111 Front Arm Assembly (w/o Footpad & Pin) 3W-04-19A